60-day loan – how do long-term loans work?

A loan with a repayment period of up to 60 days? How it’s working? Who can apply for such a loan? Check it out!

Payday loans with a repayment deadline of 30 days proved to be too short a period to accumulate the necessary funds. In turn, the amount requested was too low to be able to take out an installment loan on good terms. Were you in this situation? There was no suitable solution on the market for a long time. However, now loan companies respond to these needs and offer financial support with a loan period of 60 days.

Free loan for 60 days

Free loan for 60 days

A standard short-term loan assumes repayment of the amount incurred within 30 days in the form of a one-off installment. As you can guess, some people may have trouble accumulating the right amount in such a short time. From here you can find companies have introduced a repayment deadline of 60 days, or two months. Some went a step further and offer their borrowers 65 days to return their funds. These payday loans are still characterized by repayment in the form of a one-off payment of the entire sum to the lender’s account.

Why is it emphasized everywhere that it is a short-term product? The reason is simple, specifically two reasons. One of them is the fact that among the payday loans the promotion for the first loan is becoming the standard. The opportunity to receive money for any purpose at no extra cost is an opportunity you would miss to miss. Secondly, unlike installment loans, repayment is a one-off payment. This means that for 60 days we do not make any payments and we have exactly enough time to set aside the amount needed. In the case of several installments, the costs increase and we are obliged to make regular payments to the loan company’s account. Which may result in a greater risk of late repayment and accruing default interest.

First loan for 60 days for free – is it possible?

First loan for 60 days for free - is it possible?

There are several companies offering 60-day loans. However, those offering repayment within this period for free are a real rarity. The first free commitment promotion is for new customers. It means a discount granted to borrowers by the creditor for additional costs of reimbursement. The APRC will be 0%, and hence the preparation fee, commission and interest will also be equal to 0.

One of the companies offers free loans only for up to 30 days, but guarantees good conditions for two months. When applying for repayment within 60 days, we can take advantage of another price offer in which we are obliged to pay only an additional 10 PLN commission. Others introduce the possibility of spreading the refund into two installments, changing the maximum time to 45 days.

Online loan for 60 days – for whom?

Online loan for 60 days - for whom?

As already mentioned, an online loan for 60 days for free is practically impossible. However, the paid version may be rare but available. The conditions for receiving payday loans in one installment are the same as for the others.

Polish citizens with permanent residence in its territory can apply for financial support. Thus, he must have an identity card, based on which the contract will be drawn up. The borrower must necessarily be the owner of the bank account where he will receive the requested funds. In turn, an active telephone number will allow you to provide information about the decision faster or complete the information or provide final confirmation of your identity.

In turn, if the repayment is made in two installments as part of a company offering installment loans, the conditions change to the same as for higher amounts. In this situation, the possibility of obtaining a free loan promotion is also excluded. Long-term liabilities are characterized by an increase in formalities. That is, the previous requirements include the need to check creditworthiness. This means submitting a question about us to the databases of the Credit Information Bureau or the Economic Information Bureau and others.

It is also worth noting that a lower age limit may be required. In the case of higher amounts, it will be necessary to provide appropriate documentation confirming the amount of our earnings and their source.

60-day loans – how to apply?

60-day loans - how to apply?

The application procedure does not differ from the standard payday payday loan. The first step is to choose the amount you are interested in and the repayment date. Then go to filling out the loan form, where you enter your personal, address and contact details. The application may contain additional fields with questions about financial issues. After accepting the consents and approving the form, you must confirm your identity by making a verification transfer or using the Instantor application. The last stage is waiting for the lender’s decision. We should receive it on the day of submitting the application in the form of an e-mail or SMS.

60-day loan – extension of the deadline

60-day loan - extension of the deadline

It may happen that even if you take out a loan for a longer repayment period, you will not have money for the installment. In this case, some companies offer the option of extending the deadline. This is an additional paid option. Most companies immediately report the cost of such amenities. However, sometimes you need to contact Customer Service to get this information. If we decide on this solution, the lender will waive the accrual of interest for late payment and other charges related to late repayment.

Please note that we have the option of changing the date to a later date provided that the relevant application is submitted before the original repayment period has expired. Fees and grace periods are set individually for each company.

Extension of the loan for 60 days – new date

Extension of the loan for 60 days - new date

Most loan companies set the fee for renewing the loan according to its amount. There is a relationship that the more you borrow, the more you will have to pay for the extension. How many days can we postpone the date specified in the contract? One of the lenders offers its clients the option of changing by 7, 14 or 30 days. The most common solution is the last one, because this is usually the loan period. This solution can be used up to twice.