Credit Cards: The Best Credit Cards In The Promotion

Credit Cards: The Best Credit Cards In The Promotion

A wide range of credit cards – especially in the promotion. Cards for 0 PLN, 0% for up to 56 days, discounts up to -50%. Choice of Visa or MasterCard credit cards. Do you have little time? Do you want to do your shopping all at once so that you do not go to the store every few days? It’s clear. But what if the payment is still a topic a week or two away? Decide for a credit card!


Best Credit Cards – Comparison, Ranking

Best Credit Cards - Comparison, Ranking

A credit card is a regular payment card with some magical power. Money on it, usually do not end! So you can go shopping and buy everything you need. You no longer need to travel among the aisles in the supermarket with a calculator in your hand, wondering if the amount of cash in your wallet will be enough. Do not forget about it!


Start a new life. Life without problems.

If you know that your withdrawal will be on your account in a few days, you can easily afford shopping! How does a credit card work? With its help, you can make purchases in specific stores or across the country – depending on which card you choose. However, these purchases may exceed the amount we have on your account.

This is not a debit or a renewable loan! Using credit cards can be quite free! Who does not want to borrow for free?

Credit card allows you to incur debt on exceptional terms. With this financial product, the grace period is inseparable. One of the best advantages of credit cards! If the period grace period is 60 days , it means that during that time, your debt will not earn interest! So you have 60 days to give away what you borrowed, without any consequences. Is not this a great solution?


Credit card is the same profit:

Credit card is the same profit:

  • you buy what you want ,
  • the debt is quickly devoted, so you have no arrears in repayments,
  • you still have liquidity ,
  • you do not have to worry about anything
  • you borrow for free !!!

What if you can not give your money back during the grace period? Nothing will happen. You will deduct interest from the amount you used within the credit card limit. When you can give a part, you will do it. Your debt is spread over installments and installments that suit you!

Credit cards are issued both by banks and in cooperation with hypermarkets. As a result, this product allows not only to maintain financial liquidity , but to make purchases in specific places, on better terms than other clients. For example, on certain days of the week, we get rebates on given items or we can refuel with cheaper fuel . The relief is a whole lot, it all depends on the chosen card and of course the offer.


Order a credit card and pick up your LG smartphone


For customers who order a Citibank Credit Card and meet the conditions set out in the Regulations, a new smartphone model from LG has been prepared. In addition, for each card transaction, the customer receives points that he can exchange for rewards from the catalog. To welcome up to 1000 points to be used to repay part of the debt, vouchers or other rewards.


New – Multi-currency Card from PK Bank

bank loan

How it’s working? The customer opens an account in PLN and in at least one of the following currencies: EUR, USD, GBP or CHF. The bank issues a card to him that supports these two accounts. In PK you can easily and quickly fund your account in EUR. Thanks to the multicurrency card you can pay and withdraw without currency conversion in USD, EUR, GBP and CHF abroad, at home and on the Internet and withdraw from all TC Credit ATMs in Europe for PLN 0.