How to find out if anyone is eligible for Medicaid in Illinois


Medicaid, also known as medical aid, is a United States government that offers free or cheap health care to individuals or families living on low incomes. Typically, help is for pregnant women, the elderly, people with long-term illnesses and the disabled. In Illinois, the Medicaid program is led by the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services. They help with the applications, view application forms and process the results.

Things you need

  • computer with Internet access
  • application form
  • Look at the basic conditions. Look online at the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services website for the list of requirements. Typically, you need to be an American citizen and stay in Illinois permanently and live on low incomes. Income requirements are defined as a percentage of the federal poverty line. For example, a family of three with an income of 200 percent of the federal level of poverty eligible for Medicaid support in Illinois. This is equivalent to an annual household income of $ 36,620, or a monthly income of $ 3052.
  • Confirm your eligibility. Visit your nearest Illinois Department of Social Services office. Arrange a meeting with a DHS staff member to discuss your background and needs. To save time, call ahead and make an appointment. Bring any relevant paperwork you have, such as medical records, with you. The staff will not be able to give you a definite answer on the spot, but they can give you an indication of whether it is worth submitting an application.
  • Apply for Medicaid. You can apply by going to your Illinois local DHS office and completing the application form. If you cannot go to the office for health reasons, call the office and ask if an application can be sent to you. In an emergency, fill in the form when you or your family member is being treated at the hospital. Ask a hospital staff member for assistance.
  • Complete the telephonic interview. After submitting the application form, a DHS staff member will arrange for a telephone interview to your application donkeys. If you meet the requirements you will receive Postal confirmation of your acceptance of the program.

Tips warnings

  • If you are not eligible for the Medicaid program look for other US government grant programs at the Department of Social Services website
  • Do not hurry your application, could lead to basic errors leading to your application without full consideration.
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