That’s why you can drop the Baby Insurance Loan

We are all well aware that many people are very anxious to receive the Baby Waiting Loan. However, it is important to remember that this is a loan. Thus, a number of (not difficult to fulfill) conditions must be met. Here are the most important ones:

Repayment of the interest-free loan


If the child is born prematurely, the couple loses support. Only babies born after July 1, 2019 or at least 12 weeks of age may be considered for the Baby Loan . At the birth of the first child, the repayment of the interest-free loan is suspended for 3 years, the second child is suspended for another 3 years and 30% of the outstanding debt is released. If the third child is born, all remaining debt becomes a mist.

Repaid in one lump sum


If there is no child born within 5 years, then the interest subsidy used up to that time will be repaid in one lump sum and the loan will become market interest for the remaining time . Nor does it exempt a child from having a legitimate health problem. If childbirth is medically contraindicated, a request for equity may be made. In the event of a positive settlement, such relief may be granted to such couples that the interest subsidy may be repaid in 24 monthly installments, rather than in a lump sum.

One of the prerequisites for accessing the Baby Waiting Loan is that the wife must be 18 years of age or under 41 at the time of application.

If the couple divorces during the term, the interest rate subsidy will be repaid in one lump sum and the loan will be repaid at market rates.

If any member of the couple is on the ABD list, they will not be eligible for the baby loan.


If at any time during the term of the Baby Waiting Loan , no member of the couple has a Hungarian address, the interest subsidy will be terminated and the amount used up to that date shall be repaid in one lump sum.

If a member of the couple dies within 5 years of disbursement, the loan will be converted to market interest only after 6 months. The interest reduction previously applied shall not be retroactively refunded. If the widow remarries within the 5 year period, the grace period will begin again.

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