10 great ideas that came to nothing


For a show that literally covers everything that has happened (and will ever happen), Doctor Who is chock-full of untapped potential.

The Time Lord time traveler can go where he wants, when he wants, meet whoever he wants, and be home before you can say “wibbly-wobbly.”

With so much to do and see, things from the show get overlooked from time to time. It’s usually not a big deal, but sometimes viewers wonder “Hey, where did that really interesting storyline end?” or “What happened to that character that I really liked?”

Spanning several decades, hundreds of episodes, numerous showrunners and more TARDIS designs than you can possibly handle, Doctor Who’s back catalog is full of ideas that had all the promise in the world, but fell short of time and attention. they deserved.

Every great TV show has its “What If?” moments, and Doctor Who is no exception – and it would be exciting if any of these ten ideas came up.

Don’t put money on it, though.

Gwen Cooper is a no-nonsense member of the Torchwood team in the popular Doctor Who spin-off. Originally a police officer, Gwen stumbles across Captain Jack Harkness and his gang, eventually joining them to fight off these alien threats the Doctor fails to reach.

However, this wasn’t the first time Whovians had seen his face.

In the third episode of NuWho, the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler travel to Cardiff in 1869, where they encounter ghost-like aliens called the Gelth. Along the way, they meet famous author Charles Dickens and also meet Gwyneth, a clairvoyant servant played by Eve Myles, who also plays Gwen Cooper in Torchwood.

This was actually addressed when the Tenth Doctor meets Gwen in Series 4. He deduces that she is from an old Cardiff family and, thanks to something called “spatial genetic multiplicity”, she has the same face. than his ancestor.

While the showrunners could have done something with this, Gwen’s connection to her psychic ancestor is never mentioned again. What could have been an interesting story exploring the connection between Gwen and Gwyneth was more of a quick line to sidestep a double casting case.


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