Aura Color Gift Ideas for Every Type of Energy


As 2022 turns out to be a year of introspection, self-care, and enlightenment, it’s only natural that these themes extend into the holiday gift-giving season. Although one can naturally consider general hobbies, interests and Personality traits when shopping for a loved one or friend, this year might require you to dig a little deeper. Change your mindset to one that focuses on the essence – or aura – of the person you are looking to treat this season.

“Auras are an energetic signature around each person and they resemble personality types, but on a much deeper level,” says the author, podcast host, psychic medium, and aura reader. Mystical Michaela at TZR. “They represent your authentic vibrational waves that you naturally emit.” For context, auras often manifest in colorful hues of red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple, to name a few. Each shade, and often shades as most people flaunt several, you naturally give off a different energy or vibe.

If gifting someone based on their aura seems a bit far-fetched, Michaela begs to disagree, because channeling your energy through physical objects and personal style is so important to keeping the mood going. . “Whether it’s showing off your aura in makeup, fashion, or decorating, it’s a statement of you out loud to the world you interact with,” she explains. “Wearing your aura in some way, or designing your life around it when considering the rooms and spaces of your home, is something that can be seen as an accompaniment to your existing ambience, your existing motivations, goals, and dreams Your style can help you communicate about yourself what you may not have words for.

As you compile your list of friends and family to spoil this holiday, why not think about the energy they give off – or would like to pass on to them – and gift them a special token of that energy. Maybe it’s a pair of bright red heels for the assertive self-starter in your life. Or maybe it’s bright yellow glassware for your friend on the constant quest for home improvement.

This season, TZR has curated six gift guides based on common aura colors, each signifying a different energy or personality trait. Ahead, find the first two gift guides, then check back on November 29 and December 6 for the next Aura Colors.

Let this list be a starting point for a more meaningful approach to the holiday season. Because a gift that speaks to her essence and her heart is always the most memorable.


A red aura is often held by “direct, assertive, and responsible leaders who have good natural instincts toward others,” says Michaela. Gift this autodidact a crimson treasure that will serve as a daily reminder of his strength.


An orange aura often signifies a more goal-oriented and ambitious personality. And while this color is on the bolder side of the color spectrum, so is the person it’s aimed at. Embrace the vibrant hue via stylish home essentials like an Apple HomePod or fashion accessories like a Hermès watch in the brand’s signature hue.

Check back November 29 and December 6 for new Aura Colors and Gift Guides.

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