Creative Literature Publishing Is Down: Music Varsity VC


Mysore/Mysore: Now that the publication of creative literature is in decline, the Vice Chancellor (VC) of KSGH University of Music and Performing Arts Teacher. Nagesh V. Bettakote regretted the growing trend towards commercialization in the publishing industry.

He was speaking after publishing the five books by Mysuru Mithra writer and columnist Dr. V. Ranganath during a program organized by Samskruti Prakashana at the auditorium of Gopalaswamy College in Lakshmipuram here yesterday.

Lamenting that the number of readers buying books is decreasing day by day, the VC attributed this to the growing influence of social media and people’s stressful lives. But despite this trend, Samskruti Prakashana has published all five books by Dr Ranganath, who is also a retired Tahsildar, without worrying about profitability, he said, adding that the publishing house is to be commended for to have published books filled with such creativity.

Recalling that Dr Ranganath submitted a thesis for his Ph.D. (D.Lit) when he (Nagesh) took over as Registrar of the University of Music, he said he was presented to writer when he started evaluating his (Ranganath) thesis.

Emphasizing that Dr. Ranganath continued his creativity by writing books and articles even after his retirement as Tahsildar, Prof. Nagesh Bettakote announced that the Music Varsity will soon publish Dr. Ranganath’s doctoral thesis.

“I have read Dr. Ranganath’s columns which appear in the Mysuru Mithra journal. Columns are a narrative of almost everything in life. The presence of such people among us will definitely benefit society in every way,” he said, adding that he had sought the help of Dr Ranganath and the head of the RSS, Mr Venkatram, whenever the he University was faced with an administrative and functional crisis.

Deputy Director of Mysore Palace Board, TS Subramanya said in his address that Dr. Ranganath was his guide in all respects. Noting that Dr. Ranganath is more recognized as a writer than an elder Tahsildar, he said his intellectual thoughts are highly valued by people.

Pointing out that Dr. Ranganath has written 30 books in 5 years since his retirement, Subramanya said the writer has made useful contributions to the district administration on Dasara’s programs. Dr. Ranganth’s suggestions are so clear that authorities consider them the most reliable, he added.

Medical practitioner Dr AS Chandrashekar said he is a regular reader of Dr Ranganath’s chronicles. Saying that each article sheds light on new topics, he said Dr. Ranganath has developed such skills that he can write on any topic. Dr Ranganath’s books are worth reading for generations to come, he added.

Referring to the controversy surrounding Tipu Sultan as an emperor, Dr. Chandrashekar said that now is the time to ask whether Tipu really came from our country and if he was a ruler.

Stating that Dr. Ranganath in his book ‘Dasara’ shed light on Dasara’s misconduct for several years when Tipu ruled Mysuru, he said the book also mentions Tipu killing thousands of people and the reasons for that. The book also explains the contributions of the ancient rulers of Mysore and their promotion of Hindu culture and traditions, he added.

The five books published were – ‘Pitrarjitha’ and ‘Bedaada Baalu’ by Late Rasikaputtige, both edited by Dr. Ranganath and ‘Dasara’ (a textbook), ‘Vyshaalyave Jeevana – Sankuchitateye Marana’ and ‘Jeevana Preeti’ (both a collection of articles published in Mysuru Mithra). Head of RSS Mr. Venkatarm, former MLCs Thontadarya and G. Madhusudhan, author Dr. V. Ranganath and others were present.


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