Dr. Markey W. Pierré’s publication “The Beautiful Deal, The Women’s Negotiation Guide” helps women improve their ability to close deals and negotiate


Dr. Markey W. Pierré believes that women in business must have strong negotiation skills to move up the ladder. Her publication “The Beautiful Deal” is an impeccable solution for all women who often lose a deal due to their weak bargaining power. The Beautiful Deal is a guide for women that teaches them to be confident when closing a deal.

One of the best comments she received on her book is:

“One woman shared how she was instantly encouraged to stand up for what she wanted and what she was worth in a way that made her more desirable to all parties in the negotiation. She knew how not to be too aggressive and dominant but bold and confident.

In The Beautiful Deal, Dr. Markey focuses on sharing her extensive negotiation expertise with women in business. This book should be a woman’s first choice when it comes to learning deal-making and professional negotiation skills that can help you close deals effectively. According to Dr. Markey, confidence is the key to closing deals and his books contain all the essential advice that women can apply in their professional life to control their level of confidence.

The Beautiful Deal has become a holy grail for women who want to quickly learn effective negotiation tactics. Dr. Pierre is Vice Chancellor of External Affairs and Chief of Staff at LSU Health Shreveport. She has accomplished a lot in her professional life; she is an influential author, speaker and entrepreneur who has a knack for passing on her knowledge to thousands of women in need. Her books are full of information that can make women better at business and hone their existing skills.

Through her partnership with LSU Health Shreveport Senior and the Human Resources Department, she oversees the organization of events and activities that ensure equality and diversity are prioritized in recruitment and enrollment efforts in the health sector. Throughout her career, Dr. Markey has won several awards for her professional competence and unwavering commitment to community service. She is a successful businesswoman who has worked with various organizations. She is fluent and displays her confidence with pride when speaking to the public. It has become the ultimate guide that most organizations refer to when trying to close a tough deal.

It’s thanks to Dr. Markey’s diverse background that her book “The Beautiful Deal” has been a hot topic among women entrepreneurs. Its goal is to embolden women so much that they don’t hesitate for a moment to offer customers offers. In addition, his experience has given him a lot of knowledge such as the complexity of business and a deep understanding of the right attitude to adopt when closing transactions. Therefore, she has developed an effective tool in the form of a book that you can use to convince your client to agree a deal that benefits you the most.

So if you need help negotiating with your high profile clients or even your boss, then Dr. Markey’s “The Beautiful Deal” is what you need. Reading this masterpiece will bring you considerable and useful knowledge in no time.

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