‘Duck of Justice’ creator retires to pursue writing career


BANGOR, Maine – A detective who created the viral ‘Duck of Justice’ when he rescued a fake waterfowl heading for the trash can is retiring to write a book.

Lt. Tim Cotton has combined his sense of humor with the Bangor Police Department’s social media account to show the human side of police work.

His “Duck of Justice” became a viral sensation when the fowl appeared in various locations before finding a permanent perch in the police department, where author Stephen King and others stopped for photos.

Along the way, Cotton has helped put the town of 30,000 on the social media map with 330,000 Facebook followers, many outside of Maine.

Cotton, 59, told the Bangor Daily News it has been frustrating in recent years to see anti-police sentiment grow nationwide as officers wrestle with how to handle difficult issues like illness mental and drug addiction.

“Over the past 10 years, society has decided that they don’t want the police involved and yet they call the police for every problem,” he said. “We took on this responsibility because there was no one else to call.”

Upon retirement, Cotton will continue to post on the Duck of Justice Facebook page for the police department while continuing his writing career. He has already published two books.

In the meantime, people should continue to heed the department’s oft-repeated advice: “Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people’s business alone, and be kind to each other.”


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