Is the Mahoning River ready for a comeback? | The sound of ideas


A popular story in northeast Ohio concerns the long journey of the Cuyahoga River.

A river that transformed from a place so dirty and polluted – that it caught fire countless times in the first half of the 20th century,

To a waterway thriving with wildlife and recreation, while remaining a commercial and industrial resource.

Conservationists hope to recreate this transformational tale with another body of water in the region, the Mahoning River.

This river flows through the easternmost part of Ohio, notably through Youngstown, and into Pennsylvania.

Its history echoes that of the Cuyahoga. Unfortunately, it’s also been a dumping ground for rubbish for decades – but now people are fishing there, boating there and working together to bring down the dams, so the river can flow freely, as it did in the days before many the steel mills in the region.

The recent journey of the Mahoning River is the subject of a new series called “Changing the Course of a River” which you will hear here on 89.7 WKSU over the next few weeks.

We’ll be previewing this series for the first part of today’s program.

Later in the hour we discuss invasive species here in Ohio – from aggressive carp to spotted lanterns and even invasive plant species.

Finally, we remember longtime Northeast Ohio journalist and author Michael Heaton, who died this weekend at the age of 66.


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