Joplin Toad magazine launches book and poetry publication


JOPLIN, Mo. – Joplin’s Toad has launched its new publishing component for independent authors and poets called Tiny Toad Press.

The humor and arts magazine generally focuses on showcasing talented artists, musicians, writers, and photographers in the Joplin area. Now the publication is branching out with Tiny Toad Press and aims to publish stories of 5,000 words or less and/or up to 10 poems in a book.

“Instead of having an 80,000 word story or 50 poems, it makes the barrier to entry much easier and helps them build their credits,” Tiny Toad Press developer FC Shultz told The Heartlander. . “It’s also very good for the customer. A reader might not pay $15 for 50 poems by an author he doesn’t know, but he will probably pay $5 for 10 poems by a local poet.

Tiny Toad Press was launched last week and will soon be open for applications from potential authors and poets. The company says it will be selective with what it publishes and aims to release two to three books per year. The group plans to release a Christmas book and possibly a few flash fiction stories a year, but that remains undecided at this time.

The idea for Tiny Toad Press came after Shultz found a 1980s copy of the Joplin Women’s Society at a local thrift store and loved the size and uniqueness of the tiny publication. Schultz and his team then adopted the exact dimensions and style for the upcoming Tiny Toad Press books.

Once someone’s story or poems are approved, the outlet will work with that author to edit the manuscript to prepare it for the publishing process. Tiny Toad Press will then do the typesetting, formatting and cover design, and print the work at its own expense.

Initially, Tiny Toad Press authors will receive a number of free copies. Authors will then sell their own books and be allowed to keep all profits. The publisher will sell remaining copies of each book and use the proceeds to fund its next publication. Selected writers will never pay a dime to Tiny Toad Press.

Shultz himself wrote four fiction books which he independently edited and published. The author and developer has also written a comprehensive poetry book, published by Pub Hound Press in Joplin. Shultz’s new book is called “Fox World” and will become Tiny Toad Press’ first book.

Tiny Toad Press isn’t yet taking registrations. Calls for entries will be posted on The Joplin Toad’s social media pages in the coming weeks. To visit his Facebook page, click here.


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