Letter to the editor: Indy, a “marketplace of ideas”


Re. Letter from Doug Cortez to the Editor
You are absolutely right, Doug! A real newspaper would, indeed, publish editorials, but The Indy – as the former editor called it – is “a marketplace of ideas”, not a real newspaper.
I’d rather describe it as a thin envelope of “around town events”, school sports, and the occasional local issue that surrounds the all-important weekly real estate insert.
It is not supported by subscribers. You can see how it literally can’t afford to be a real newspaper. God forbid he alienated any of his real estate audiences.
That doesn’t stop The Indy from exercising a lot of unconscious bias in what it covers, though. There is, you may have noticed, a preponderance of male opinion columnists who dissertate, often on a weekly basis in rather poorly written fashion, on their pet hobbies. Most of the time, they are “against the tide”. It doesn’t matter what it is. This means that their concerns are put forward. I generally disagree with their issues and conclusions. And, btw, The Indy, doesn’t verify anything in these columns. I asked.
And I note that once again last week, as always, whenever Deborah Laughton, Ph.D., writes a letter to the editor, her name is followed by an “editor’s note” l ‘identifying as the wife of a councilman as if her opinion can in no way be considered worthy of consideration for what she says.
Let’s hope that the arrival of a woman at the head of The Indy will make the difference.
But I urge you to keep turning to the LA Times, The Pilot and The Register for real journalism.
Kiku Terasaki, Laguna Beach

(Thank you for your review. We hope you will continue to support local journalism. – Ed.)

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