Local author Walt McKinley’s journey to overcoming child abuse through writing


YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – Walt McKinley was born and raised for most of his life in Yuma, where throughout his childhood he was victimized and abused at the hands of every adult he lived with. .

Traumatic abuse from his father, stepfather, stepmother and adoptive parents shattered him into a million pieces and left him in a pit of despair, pain, shame and anger.

Anger drove McKinley to lash out at others, steal, and not worry about living or dying during his teenage years, which left him with a decision far from prison.

At nearly 16, McKinley chose to fight for himself and created a plan with his hero, his Aunt Dianna, to file a child abuse case and get his father arrested.

Mckinley’s path to healing from trauma after didn’t happen overnight, but it showed him that one choice can dramatically change the outcome of the future and he realized that where he started in life didn’t have to be where it ended.

Shortly after joining the US Navy, McKinley met his wife of 22 years and has two teenage daughters.

He retired as a Naval Intelligence Officer after 20 years of service to our country.

Once Mckinley retired from the Navy, he moved into corporate America and became an executive at a Fortune 300 company within a few years.

In 2021 he reached a point where he knew he had to follow the call in his life.

He knew he had to help reach millions with a message of healing and knew he could have a significant impact on the mental health of humanity by focusing on helping others heal from their trauma. .

So McKinley decided it was time to write her story down in memoir form; Monsters in my house, a true story.

He wrote this story to show everyone that your story doesn’t define your legacy and he knew that speaking his truth could help remove the stigma of trauma and give humanity a safe space to start talking about theirs. .

For children or adults here in Yuma, or elsewhere, he hopes his book can inspire people to heal and overcome child abuse, or any other struggle that defines them.


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