MEDIA: Gavin Ellis Journalism vs Woke Dogma


Poor old Gavin, apart from his decision to fire TDB cartoonist Malcom Evans when he was editor of the NZ Herald, he is one of the true bastions of journalism in this country and for daring to relax the standards of moderation on his Kiwi Journalists Facebook page, has been attacked by the Awakened who believe that a relaxation of moderation will allow the publication of opinions and viewpoints that will spark perpetual outrage…

I was accused of being a “bully, an old white man”. I emphatically deny the first but plead guilty to the remaining three counts as the truth stares back at me from the mirror.

The charges came when I called for a less rigid interpretation of the rules I had helped draft for a social media page. No, you did not misread: I called for a relaxation of moderation, not a tightening.

The accusation of intimidation therefore left me perplexed, but a light went on in my head.

Sure! Bullying is when you say something that someone else disagrees with.

I was less confused about using age, ethnicity, and gender as scathing rebukes because I’m getting used to it. Sticks and stones and so on. However, something about the way the four counts were brought left me deeply worried.

I was going to say I had become a victim of cancel culture, but I’m afraid the bloodstained Vladimir Putin sucked the legitimacy of this indictment when he claimed that the West was trying to “cancel” Russia and its history as it did for Harry. Potter author JK Rowling on statements about sexual identity.

I was given a clear message that what I had to say was worthless because it did not agree with the views of (I am led to assume) a majority, and I I was disconnected from “reality” because I conformed to unacceptable stereotypes. If that wasn’t enough to establish my unworthiness, I was also deemed no longer to be a “working journalist.”

TDB recommends

Let’s remind Gavin of the holy trinity of woke identity politics dogma.

In the name of the non-binary mother, the non-binary daughter, and the monthly ghost: all white people are irredeemable racists, all men are rapists, and anyone who defends free speech wears a Nazi uniform.

There is absolutely no wiggle room in this mantra and by promoting objective journalism, Gavin is now the enemy that must now be destroyed.

This is what the political left is spending its energy on now, microaggressions watching whoever triggers them.

Gavin represents objective truth, but as any intersectionist ident will shout, objective facts are a heteronormative cis male privilege and any attempt to focus on objective facts other PoCs and WoCs whose emotional life trumps any sense of objectivity.

Gavin must be destroyed.

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