More than half of children being taught have awakened ideas like ‘white privilege’ at school, report reveals


MORE than half of children are taught waking ideas like ‘white privilege’ and ‘unconscious bias’ in schools, shock study reveals.

This left far too afraid to speak out on controversial topics for fear of being shamed or even expelled, historical research warns.


More than half of children learn waking ideas, report findsCredit: Getty

Regulators are now urged to crack down on political bias in the classroom to stop students brainwashed by teachers.

Some 59 per cent of school leavers have learned woke up concepts like “systemic racism” and 73% on patriarchy and the notion that there are multiple genders.

And 40% of those affected say they are afraid to voice an opinion that could see them reprimanded, according to the poll by think tank Policy Exchange.

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The report’s author, Dr. Eric Kauffman, asks ofste toughens its guidelines for schools to make political neutrality a binding rule and make it easier for parents to report complaints of impartiality.

The ‘worrying’ report also finds that while a majority of Britons reject Wokism by two to one, the ideology is increasingly gaining ground among young people.

Most 18-24 year olds think children should learn that Britain was ‘founded on racism and remains structurally racist today’.

Dr Samir Shah CBE, a member of the government’s race commission, said: ‘Views that remain marginal in society as a whole are held by a significant number, if not a majority, of voters in this age category.

“But what makes the survey disturbing is that these new attitudes challenge the very foundations of liberal thought: freedom of expression, tolerance, debate and democracy.”


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