Neil Gaiman is not writing Coraline 2


Coraline author Neil Gaiman offers another update on whether he’ll write a sequel to the bestselling book-turned-movie, and it looks like there’s still hope.

Neil Gaiman gave an update on Carolina 2saying he’s not ruling out the possibility of a sequel.

Coraline writer Neil Gaiman responded to a fan on Twitter asking for an update on the rumor carolina after. Although the author again denied having worked on such a project, he did not completely dismiss the idea. “If I ever find an idea for a better Coraline story than CoralineI’ll write one,” Gaiman said.

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Neil Gaiman is best known as the author of the award-winning dark fantasy novella for children Coraline and the comedy series The sand man. The story of the first revolves around the discovery by 9-year-old Coraline Jones of a strange door that opens to a parallel universe. There she is forced into several terrifying adventures as she fights to save her family from the clutches of the evil Other Mother.

A sequel to Coraline remains unlikely

Written and directed by The Nightmare Before Christmas‘ Henry Sellick, the stop-motion adaptation of Gaiman’s short story was released in 2009. The film earned $124.6 million at the box office and received an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature . But despite commercial and critical success, there are currently no plans for a Coraline after.

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In March 2021, Gaiman gave fans an update on his plan for a future Coraline story, insisting he wouldn’t write anything less interesting than the original story. “I’m waiting for a [new] Coraline story that is as good or better than [the original] Coralina. There’s no point doing anything other than the first book or movie,” the writer wrote on Twitter. Coraline The sequel was reportedly in development and set to release in November 2022. However, Gaiman has debunked the rumor of making a Coraline continuation with a “No” flat.

Currently, Gaiman is working as a co-creator on the television adaptation of his popular comic book series. The sand man. The TV series, which is set to arrive on Netflix on August 5, will consist of 10 episodes, spanning the first arc of the comic book story, Preludes & Nocturnes. In a previous interview, Gaiman teased fans about the plot and epic nature of the upcoming The sand man series. “It’s like episode 4 takes them through hell in a good way. Episode 5 takes them through hell in a restaurant. Episode 6 is cleansing, indulgent, enveloping, warm and beautiful, but you have to earn it,” the creator said.

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