Overview: “06880” Blog Party, Popup Bagels, Manna Toast…


Save this date!

Thursday, July 21 is the day of our annual blog party “06880”.

It’s funny. It’s social. It’s cold.

Long-time resident or newcomer; old or young; frequent commentator or lurker – all are welcome.

Meet neighbors and strangers; politicians and normal people. Put faces to names you’ve only read. And all this in a place dear to the hearts of all residents of “06880”: the south beach of Compo Beach, near the kayak launch.

Don’t forget this date: July 21st. See you there!

Food and fun at a “06880” party.

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Westperters have known and loved Popup Bagels for a long time – well, at least since 2020, when our neighbor Adam Goldberg took advantage of COVID downtime, his love of baking and his creativity to come up with what some see as the best. Donut. Already.

Compact, crispy and generously coated in seeds, they attract raves wherever they are sold. But they are only sold in pop-up locations, i.e. pick-up locations.

I may have been the first medium to write about Popup Bagels. Since then it has expanded to Redding and Greenwich.

And, sometimes, New York.

Traditionally, hard-to-please bagel lovers have embraced Adam’s creations. Just like the Brooklyn BagelFest, where it won the audience award. It was a stunning victory for an upstart from Fairfield County.

Now comes another prize: an item in the New York Times. Today’s Food section has a tantalizing review (and photos).

Click here for the full story. Click here for the website to order – but good luck with that.

You should have thought of that earlier. (Hat tip: Sharon Fiarman)

A few of Adam Goldberg’s many bagels. (Photo/Jen Goldberg)

Adam Goldberg with his Brooklyn Bagelfest award.

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Closing Church Lane to vehicles has brought excitement – and al fresco dining – to this little downtown street.

But without a dinner menu, Manna Toast couldn’t capitalize on the fun.

Now they can. The restaurant – whose loyal customers love its plant-based, non-GMO, artisanal, organic and locally sourced dine-in, take-out and delivery menu – added “Manna at Night.”

Available at the heated tables and in the dining room until 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays (with other days to come soon), chef Jason Wiener offers plates to share (the roast brussels with soy ginger and crispy cashew nuts is great) , bowls (same as the Thai curry), sliders and desserts, as well as cocktails, wine and beer.

Manna Toast quietly rolled out the dinner options, solving the problems while maintaining the high quality of coffee and catering.

Now the word is out: Manna is so much more than breakfast, lunch and toast.

(Manna Toast is open Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Friday and Saturday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Click here for more information.)

A welcome dinner at Manna Toast.

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Last time I posted a story about a musician asking for help in the Stop & Shop parking lot, I learned it was a scam.

This one seems more legit. But I can’t guarantee for sure.

The reader (and buyer) of Nn “06880” writes: “I came out of Stop & Shop and heard the most beautiful music. This family moved from Romania 6 months ago and lives in their car.

“They said they were related to Family & Children’s agency (their English wasn’t very good so I think that’s what he said). The father (playing/pictured here) was an electrician in Romania, but said he could/would do any kind of work. He learned to play music with his grandmother.

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The Rockwell Dance Center in Trumbull met Charlie Capalbo through his cousin Harrison, who danced there.

Each year, RDC organizes a benefit concert. Charlie – Fairfield Ludlowe High School hockey goaltender/goalkeeper and Westporters grandson Ina Chadwick and Richard Epstein – was battling cancer for the 4th time.

When RDC asked Charlie if they could do this year’s concert in his honour, he said yes – provided the proceeds go to 2 local pediatric cancer charities who have helped him and his family. He chose Infinite Love for Kids Fighting Cancer and LIVFREE.

Charlie died last week, a month before his 24th birthday. The concert — this Saturday (April 30, 7 p.m., Trumbull High School) — will celebrate his life.

The dance community and the hockey community will come together for Charlie. The Fairfield Co-op, Fairfield Prep, Trumbull High and St. Joseph hockey teams will open the concert with a “stick tap for Charlie”.

The concert includes songs and dances. Tickets are $20 and are available at the door (cash, check, or Venmo) or through Venmo now (@theparkerproject).

Charlie Capalbo (Photo/Dave Gunn)

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MoCA Westport Family Day will have something for everyone.

Even the world famous piglet.

The June 18 event (noon to 2 p.m.) features the blind and deaf pink pup of that name. He inspired a global movement for acceptance, inclusion, empathy and kindness. Veterinarian Melissa Shapiro – author and co-creator of ‘The Piglet Mindset’ – will share her story and talk about her new children’s book ‘Piglet Comes Home’.

The day also includes healing art activities, murals, music by Dustin Lowman, an ice cream truck, dog meet from Westport Animal Shelter Advocates, homemade dog treats from Earth Animal and a free admission to the Westport Student Exhibition. artwork. Click here for tickets.

Piglet at Compo beach.

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From Sunday (May 1), stickers will be required for parking at Westport beaches.

Part of the fee goes to beach maintenance. The crews were out in force yesterday, preparing for the (hopefully) warm weather ahead.

(Photo/Pat Auber)

(Photo/Jonathan Prager)

Meanwhile, progress continues on the jetty/groin project at Burying Hill Beach.

(Photo/Peter J. Swift)

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The spring issue of Westport Magazine is out.

Author Jane Green adorns the cover. Other features include dozens of ways to enjoy life and a rave review from Allium Eatery.

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Three years ago, RTM member Andrew Colabella turned 30. He wrote about this turning point for “06880”.

Today, he is 33 years old. Time passes. Happy birthday to a good old man.

Andrew Colabella

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The Burying Hill Osprey gets less press than its Fresh Market cousin.

But it is also majestic. He poses here, in all his splendor “Westport… Naturally”,

(Photo/John Prenderville Jr.)

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And finally… Duke Ellington was born 123 years ago today. The jazz pianist, composer and conductor died in 1974. But his music is eternal.


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