Poet Amanzimtoti wins international writing competition


WRITER and poet, Lorna Macleod, 30, received first place in an international writing competition organized by author and judge, John Elkon.

John Elkon is originally from South Africa, but moved to the UK during apartheid. He is best known for his books Heroes of Umfaan, Lazlo’s Millions and Sally’s Road. Every year he hosts the Mega Saga, where writers submit a 100-word story online, to win £100 and a chance to get their name out into the world of writing and poetry.

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“It sounds easy, but it’s not. You need to form a plot, a whole story and a title. I’ve entered three times, been judged once, and my stories have always been shortlisted,” Macleod said.

The other two judges of this competition were famous and world famous authors, Laura Sebastian who wrote the princess of ashes series and Joy Davidow who wrote An unofficial marriage.

This year, she received joint first place for her metaphorical writing pieces titled imitated me. Elkon described his piece as a poetic and evocative walk through his inner world, the confrontation with death and the determination to carry on.

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Macleod said: “I feel ecstatic about winning. I tried to win for years, even if it was a joint victory. Now I can finally get my name out there a little more.

Macleod said she has enjoyed writing for as long as she can remember.

“Writing has been a friend who has never judged me. It’s a safe space for me. Likewise, I’m able to take out all of my feelings and intertwine them with metaphors that keep me writing for hours. .

I love getting people to think and use their imaginations even more than they would with a story without metaphors. Naturally, I don’t always write that way, even though it’s my preferred method,” she said.

Macleod also owns an online bookstore and has had a few of his poems published in an online magazine called Ariel Chart. “My next novel is a fictional description of my own life where we as writers take the truth and lie about it. It’s just a way of making what was really a bit different. It covers many aspects in a series of metaphors,” she said.

To read his winning article, visit http://jonelkon.com/winners/


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