Pro-AAP blog editor Rifat Jawaid accuses AAP worker of calling his children ‘suicide bombers’


Rifat Jawaid, a pro-Aam Aadmi Party blogger, accused an “AAP fan” of calling his children “suicide bombers” for wearing Islamic clothes. Rifat Jawaid posted a photo on Twitter of someone who commented on one of Jawaid’s posts, saying his children were dressed as suicide bombers.

Jawaid wrote: “Need more proof? This AAP scum of @ArvindKejriwalThe party calls my 8-year-old daughter and my 11-year-old son “suicide bombers” because they wore Islamic clothes for madrasah classes. Kitna zahar hai Musalmanon ke khilaf Kejriwal ke workers mein? They don’t even spare the children.

The profile of the previously mentioned Twitter user, “AAP Fan of journalist and author Vinay Aggrawal”. The profile is now locked and currently has no reference to AAP.

Profile on Twitter

It is worth mentioning that Rifat Jawaid has been a strong supporter of the madarsas operating in the country, the so-called educational system that has come under the spotlight for its role in promoting Islamic radicalism and seeding supremacist beliefs among the people. impressionable children.

“Before you demonize Muslims by using madrasa children, educate yourself on the fact that madrasas serve as permanent residences/hostels for some of the most disadvantaged children in our society. There are also orphans. Fear the karma before you let your Islamophobia get the better of you,” Jawaid tweeted in 2020 after questions were raised about madarsas acting as the source of Islamic extremism in India.

It’s one thing to preach online and another to practice in real life. Jawaid, however, is among those who practice what they preach, at least when it comes to his support for madarsas. He often shared photos of his children, whom he claimed to have studied in madarsas.

In one of the images shared online, Jawaid is seen holding a toddler with three other children. “On the way to a parent-teacher meeting at the madrassah!”, He tweeted.

Jawaid recently engaged in a verbal spat with Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP Naresh Balyan. AAP MP Naresh Balyan questioned Rifat Jawaid, the operator of the pro-AAP site “Janta Ka Reporter”, about his involvement in the recent stabbing of Salman Rushdie. Balyan made the comment in reaction to Rifat Jawaid’s assertion that the rule of the AAP in Delhi is worse for Muslims than that of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

In April this year, Islamists and terrorism apologists pounced on the timeline of Aam Aadmi party MP Naresh Balyan after he called Rifat Jawaid ‘Talibani’ for calling the Indian army a ‘coward’. “.

In February this year, the pro-AAP Janta Ka Reporter blog called students protesting against the burqa in Karnataka and chanting Jai Shri Ram “terrorists”. It should be noted that the Janta Ka Reporter website has been accused of using soft pornography to generate traffic.


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