Rookie Author Shu Shimizu Announces Publication of “A Japanese Boy Sees A New Light”


Shu Shimizu’s new release memoir “A Japanese Boy Sees A New Light” (Published by Partridge Singapore) tells the true life story of a 9-year-old Japanese boy who decides he would like to live in a democratic society rather than an imperialist or communist.

Japan’s defeat in World War II led to the division of the Korean Peninsula where Russia would control north of the 38th parallel and America would control it to the south. At that time, all Japanese nationals in North Korea became refugees, including Shimizu and her family who faced many hardships. Nine months after abandoning their home, they reached South Korean soil where US Marines treated them like respectable humans. After much disappointment with imperialism and communism in North Korea, they got freedom in South Korea according to the American way of democracy.

“My brother’s book describes his experiences escaping from North Korea. But it’s written in Japanese and there are a lot of books like his in Japan,” says the author. “So I decided to write one in English at least for Americans.”

An excerpt from the book says:

“Shu, please move your legs. I have to drive you to Father’s house where he was born.

“I was born in Korea. Keijo is my hometown, Mother. I can not walk. I want to stay here. Please leave me here. I will be a Korean boy,” I cried as I shed tears.

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“A Japanese Boy Sees a New Light”

By Shu Shimizu

Hardcover | 6×9 inches | 112 pages | ISBN 9781543770971

Soft cover | 6×9 inches | 112 pages | ISBN 9781543770957

E-book | 112 pages | ISBN 9781543770964

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Shu Shimizu worked at two colleges: WASEDA University in Tokyo and San Diego State College in California. Her dad used to tell her, “You have to finish college.” Thus, he faithfully obeyed his father’s advice…twice.

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