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• THR Heart stroke (and Other Series) Make Netflix the Leader in Children & Family Emmy Nominations – By a Wide Margin, Too
• Lawyer Kit Connor (who plays Nick on Heart stroke) just came out as bisexual because he felt pressured with online accusations that he was queerbaiting.
• Fangoria Talks to TV creator/showrunner Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, pushing daisies) on crystal lake which will be a prequel series (of sorts) to the Friday 13 movies

After the jump, there’s more movie news, funny articles, or actor profiles like returned-to-earth superstar Jennifer Lawrence and rising hotties Ismael Cruz Córdova (rings of power) and Harris Dickinson (triangle of sadness)…

• BuzzFeed why you shouldn’t buy a lottery ticket (very funny piece)
• Playbill I feel like we already wrote about this story months and months and months ago, but yesterday it was all over the place online like it was brand new news, so maybe be that it is and I’m imagining things (?) Anthony Hopkins will star in the film adaptation of Freud’s Last Seance about an encounter between Sigmund Freud and author CS Lewis (who, you will recall, Hopkins starred in Shadowland in the 1990s). Matthew Goode has the role of CS Lewis this time.
• Fun post from Two Dollar Cinema left unpublished so far about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
• Cartoon Brew animation preview for November across multiple platforms
• Coming Soon because every franchise now needs spin-offs, A silent place (which seems like a very repetitive premise for a spin-off!) gets one. Lupita Nyong’o will play
• Coming Sand seller (finally) renewed for a season 2 at Netflix
• /Film 12 CG monsters that missed the mark…sometimes practical effects are obviously in order!

• NYT “Who is Jennifer Lawrence now?” a Kyle Buchanan profile on the actress at a turning point (and that time she and Adele got NYC talking by showing up at gay bar Pieces
• Cut some photos and buy with triangle of sadness‘Harris Dickinson in a Russian banya
• Bazaar Emily Ratajkowski doesn’t believe in straight people… and other confessions
• Behind the blinds Ismael Cruz Córdova (rings of power) gives an amazing photoshoot, love the song “Age of Aquarius” by Hairand wants to record an album!

Ooooh, Wong Kar-Wai claims his new TV series is a follow-up to the double feature In the Mood for Love and 2046 although it doesn’t feature any of the stars from those films. Huge (wild goose lake) titles. Here is the teaser


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