The 2022 Dangerous Ideas Festival covers everything from Facebook whistleblowers to free tattoos


There’s a festival for almost everything, or so it often seems – and when it comes to crucial and complex topics that demand discussion, that’s where the Festival of Dangerous Ideas comes in. The Sydney event has been exploring provocative topics since 2009, moving from a number of different venues. And in 2022, that chatter, debate, and eagerness to push boundaries will shift to Carriageworks.

FODI is heading to the Eveleigh spot over the weekend of Saturday September 17th to Sunday September 18th, and it has just revealed exactly what will have everyone talking. Topping the list: Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, celebrity tattoo artist Scott Campbell, British historian Adam Tooze and power and propaganda expert Ruth Ben-Ghiat.

Frances Haugen

Drawing worldwide attention for leaking tens of thousands of internal Facebook documents that showed how the company pursued profit at the expense of public safety, data engineer Haugen will obviously discuss social media – including how they have been militarized, as well as Australia’s relationship with Facebook. She will also talk about corporate responsibility, another topic related to her former employer, in what promises to be quite an exciting discussion.

Campbell appears as part of FODI’s art lineup, setting up a weekend-long installation. Want to get a tattoo from him for free? You can, but all the glory comes with a twist. He will give you a tattoo without you having to pay a penny – but everything will happen without him meeting you, looking at you or talking to you at all. In addition, you will not have any contribution to art. You’ll just have to trust it and be willing to take a chance on getting a permanent keepsake.

Scott Campbell

Back to the more serious side of the program, the economic commentator Tooze has his sights set on the general state of the world, namely why humanity is not coping better in the face of climate change, war and the probable recessions. As for Ben-Ghiat, she will examine the rise of authoritarian strongmen in politics today, probing Russia, China, America, Turkey and more, and delving into ruler cults, misinformation and others. techniques that have been used to put such numbers. in power.

Also on the program for FODI 2022: writer, poet and comedian Alok Vaid-Menon, who will use his own experience as a gender-nonconforming artist to encourage audiences to see gender as broadly as possible; psychologist Steven Pinker, championing the ideals of enlightenment and advocating the need for reason in the Hitch Memorial Keynote; technical columnist and rabbit hole podcast host Kevin Roose, who will focus on the algorithm’s control of our lives; and Noongar wife and author Claire G Coleman, who will investigate the usual story that revolves around Australian colonization.

Jodie Barker

Author Sisonke Msimang will discuss how Australia’s pandemic lockdowns have impacted multicultural communities in Melbourne and Sydney, while Peter Greste and Kylie Moore-Gilbert if Australia’s passport becomes less powerful. Additionally, Senator Jacqui Lambie will deliver the festival’s keynote, talking about her career, and the festival will host a special live recording of the podcast. A rational fear.

Other sessions will cover everything from censorship and cancellation to sexual assault, the increasingly automated future and the decline of America’s political, social and cultural influence. There will also be a showcase of emerging thinkers called fresh bloodas well as a series of insightful talks on topical issues called Unthinkable.

And, FODI’s art and installation lineup at Carriageworks will include the world premiere of Wiradjuri artist Brook Andrew MURUNY/Breathewhich uses a representation of the brain to unpack the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people – as well as Lucy Peach’s multimedia celebration of the times, a game show experience about dark truths called Truth Machine by Counterpilotand Legs On The Wall doing an improv play about trust.

Jodie Barker

The 2022 Dangerous Ideas Festival runs from Saturday September 17 to Sunday September 18 at Carriageworks, 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh. To view the full program and purchase festival tickets, visit festival website.


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