The Bookseller – News – Vintage hails Rushdie ahead of new book release as 2023 authors are featured


Vintage introduced its 2023 authors at an event in London on September 20, stressing how “particularly proud” it is to publish Salman Rushdie’s upcoming new novel.

A spokesperson told the audience of journalists, booksellers and authors at the Ham Yard Hotel: ‘There is one book and one author that we will be particularly proud to publish in 2023 and that is city ​​of victory by Salman Rushdie.

“In city ​​of victory Salman gave us an epic tale, with the message that although our power is fleeting, our stories last forever. He ends with the phrase “words are the only victors”. And that line seems prescient as we think of Salman every day. Inspired by his bravery, unwavering faith and deep commitment to freedom of expression, we salute you Salman.

city ​​of victory is scheduled to be released on February 9, 2023, a date that a Vintage previously announced The bookstore was not under review or likely to change following the Rushdie attack in August.

Hosted by journalist and author Paula Akpan, the Vintage Showcase featured 16 Vintage fiction writers talking about their new novels.

Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah, Brandon Taylor, Emma Cline and Dani Shapiro flew in from the US to showcase their new novels, and the lineup also included first author Tom Crewe, Jacqueline Crooks, Ore Agbaje-Wiliams and Phoebe McIntosh. Megan Nolan and Elaine Feeney talked about their second novels, while writers Joseph O’Connor, Diana Evans, Abir Mukherjee, Kirsty Logan, Helen Macdonald and Sin Blaché also discussed their upcoming works.

Hannah Telfer, Managing Director of Vintage, said of the 2023 lineup, “We know readers want to be transported more than ever, to suspend the routines of daily life for a few hours, to fall into someone’s world of other, to be entertained, to be surprised and moved.

Adjei Brenyah Chain Gang All-Stars (July 6, 2023, Harvill Secker) tells the story of two high-level female gladiators who fight for their freedom within a depraved private prison system; Shapiro’s Traffic lights (February 9, 2023, Chatto & Windus) examines the ties between families and O’Connor’s My father’s house (January 26, 2023, Harvill Secker) tells the true story of the Nazi capture of Rome.

Also featured were Evans’ A house for Alice (April 6, 2023, Chatto & Windus); McIntosh’s Dominoes (June 1, 2023, Chatto & Windus); at Feeney How to build a boat (April 20, 2023, Harvill Secker); Mukherjee’s next novel whose title is to be confirmed (July 20, 2023, Harvill Secker) and that of Jacqueline Crooks fire rush (March 2, 2023, Jonathan Cape).

Taylor talked about her upcoming novel The Last Americans (June 22, 2023, Jonathan Cape); Macdonald and Sin Blaché on their co-written sci-fi thriller Prophet (August 24, 2023, Jonathan Cape); Nolan about his second novel Ordinary human failures (June 15, 2023, Jonathan Cape); and Crewe in its early days The new life (January 12, 2023, Chatto & Windus).

Logan discussed Now she’s a witch (January 12, 2023, Harvill Secker); Emma Cline talked about The guest (May 11, 2023, Chatto & Windus); and Agbaje-Wiliams discussed We three (May 18, 2023, Jonathan Cape).


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