The Council of Europe publication “The digital age? Also my time! Media and information literacy: the key to guaranteeing the right of older people to participate in the digital age” is available in Ukrainian


Today, nearly 20% of the population is over 65; in 2070, this figure will be 30%. Older people, as a large and heterogeneous population group with different needs, have the right to acquire the knowledge necessary to learn about media and information in their own way and according to their own objectives. States, media platforms and civil society must enable older users to create and communicate information according to their needs and interests.

The Council of Europe report “The digital age? Also my era! Media and information literacy: the key to guaranteeing the right of older people to participate in the digital age »which is now also available in Ukrainian, discusses how digitalization can promote active and healthy ageing, improve quality of life, help restore independence to older people to ensure their full participation in society and changing the paradigm from “vulnerable elderly people” to “valuable elderly people”.

“The fact that the Council of Europe deals with older people and media literacy is an expression of the interpretation of this issue within the framework of the guarantee of human rights throughout life and in all areas. It is not enough to profess the principle of “inclusion for all”; concrete initiatives must also be taken. I hope that this report can be a source of inspiration for policy makers, stakeholders and, above all, for (working) older people themselves. I hope they feel encouraged…and that all stakeholders and policymakers become more aware of the value and rights of older people and…their legitimate expectation of receiving appropriate support,” the author, Em. Prof. Dr. An Hermans writes.

Read the post in Ukrainian here. The original report in English can be found here.

The publication has been translated into Ukrainian as part of the Council of Europe project “Support for the safety of journalists, media and access to information”, including the communication strategy for the Office of the Prosecutor General in Ukraineaiming to to help the Ukrainian media community respond to current needs and the consequences of Russian aggression and war in Ukraine.

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