The multi-talented Bandipora imposes herself in writing, sport


A multi-talented young girl from Bandipora despite the odds has carved out a place for herself in all segments of life be it studies, sports and society.
She is an 18-year-old who has been called an author, athlete and ambassador; Nazrana Ahsan Wani explains her journey of thorns and roses through them.
Although she is 18 years old, she delivers the secrets and the tragedy of love, life, hope and patience.
Along with pursuing her academic dreams in science, she has an indefinite love for writing which she has been writing since school.
It was in 9th standard that she started writing and has so far co-authored more than 30 anthologies, including “World book of record” anthologies, and has written a solo book “Shadowless Evening”.
She has won numerous writing accreditations and is an exemplary young winner in the “Best Author” category, Limelight Awardee, Talented 30 Awardee in the “Best Youth Icon of 2021” category. Also a contender for the William Shakespeare Literature Prize under
title “Indian National Idol”,
She is the first Kashmiri girl to be awarded Indian National Idol award and Jammu and Kashmir’s Pen Player of the Year 2021.
She has been nominated for various awards, namely; Sahitya Spectrum Award, Hindustan writer Award, Indian School Awards, Ambitious Award, Glantor X Women leader Award, Indian book of records, Fox indices India prime awards under the title “Top 100 writers and scholars of India”, Author of year 2021 at Story Mirror, Indian Nobel Prize, Femina Prize 2022.
Additionally, she has been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, and blogs.
She is a featured writer in Split Poetry India, ‘Literary Lieutenant’ in ‘Army of Literary Warriors’ in Story Mirror.
In addition to writing, she has won accolades in athletics as she is a red belt and a two-time National Sqay Martial Arts Medalist.
Recently, she picked up another gold medal at the UT level Sqay Martial Arts Championship.
She also works as an official campus ambassador trainee at International Model United Nations.
“What I am today is only thanks to the support of my family, my coach Jamsheeda Yousuf,” she says.
“My English pedagogy Shiekhzada Mudasir, my maternal uncle Muneer Ahmad Mir. And for me that we are Iqra Ahsan Wani, Kounain Rafiq, Aleem Wani, Tuba Tahsin, Nidhi Sharma, Shiekh Sehrish, Aaliya Wani, My brothers in heart Arsalan Sofi and Zaid Nabi because they were the people who always pulled me up up when I was down,” she says.
Her 80-page book was published by Notion Press, a London-based independent publishing platform. “Shadowless Evening” is a collection of poems that informs about human nature and the creative spirit, the capacity of the mind and the power of the soul.


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