Tome Bookstore hosts writing events for the International Novel Challenge


CINCINNATI (WXIX) – Tom’s Bookstorelocated in Mount Washington, belongs to bestselling author JM Clark and the company opens doors for aspiring and experienced writers to enter an atmosphere that encourages reading and writing.

“It’s really hard to write at home; especially if you have kids, you have your video games, you have your streaming TV, you have too many distractions. So if we can provide a nice, creative place for people to accomplish that with support, that’s what we’re trying to do,” Clark said of The Tome Bookstore Atmosphere.

The bookstore offers a number of author readings, book clubs, open-mic nights, and even Dungeons and Dragons nights, as well as a cafe for a welcoming atmosphere, according to Clark. Additionally, Clark runs a number of writing workshops for aspiring writers of all ages, teaching them how to describe stories, create characters, and follow best practices when writing. The Tome bookstore also hosts events such as book signings and discussion groups.

And that environment is where writers who are interested in a challenge can turn to not just creativity or even inspiration, but also support.

“We have coffee here, we have things to keep [aspiring writers] go and we will actively support each other, we will push each other to get a hundred more words, to get two hundred more words…” is what Clark said about environment and support.

Clark offers this support through the aforementioned writing events, including tips, best practices, and how-tos for writing articles or novels, which Clark has done many times.

The writing events are all in preparation for the “National Novel Writing Month”, or NaNoWriMowhich is a thirty day challenge for writers to complete a fifty thousand word novel. The challenge takes place in November, but preparing to write a well-thought-out novel takes time. NaNoWriMo is a non-profit organization that launches this challenge internationally, with over three hundred and fifty thousand novels written through the challenge since the challenge’s inception in 1999.

Bookstore owner Tome credits his achievements in writing his first novel and opening the bookstore to NaNoWriMo as he took it up in 2018 and from there he wrote a bestselling novel.

Writing events as well as other activities organized by the Tome Bookstore can be found on their Facebook and instagram pages.

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