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BILLERICA, Mass., Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SeqLL Inc. (“SeqLL” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ:SQL), a technology company providing life science instrumentation and research services life, today announced a new study demonstrating the early detection of cancer using SeqLL single-molecule technology has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Natural biotechnology.

The document, titled:‘Single Molecule Multiplexed Epigenetic Analysis of Plasma Isolated Nucleosomes for Cancer Diagnosis,applied SeqLL’s tSMS® platform to generate multiplexed single-molecule measurements of protein biomarkers, epigenetic modifications, and their combinations for cancer diagnosis. This liquid biopsy approach, called EPINUC, has allowed researchers to analyze multiple parameters from less than 1 ml of plasma sample and demonstrate its value for the diagnosis of colorectal cancer (CRC) and ductal adenocarcinoma. pancreatic (PDAC). The predictive model of the study showed high diagnostic potential by generating an AUC of 0.96, a sensitivity of 92% at a specificity of 85% and an accuracy of 92% when analyzing CRC samples. In addition, stage I/II CRC specimens were easily distinguished from stage III/IV specimens and resected stage III/IV CRC specimens.

The lead authors of the publication, Vadim Fedyk and Nir Erez, are graduate students in the laboratory of Dr. Efrat Shema in the Department of Immunology and Regenerative Biology at the Weizmann Institute of Science. The single-molecule based liquid biopsy approach allowed them to assess and decode cell-free nucleosomes to provide a highly informative view of post-translational histone modifications, the p53 mutant, and DNA methylation differences in the cohort of approximately 100 patient samples.

CRC is the third most common cancer in the world, causing approximately 700,000 deaths each year. PDAC is a devastating disease with an overall 5-year survival of only 11%.

“Our algorithm could discriminate between healthy and patient groups with a record level of certainty for studies of this type, with an accuracy of 92%,” said Dr. Efrat Shema, principal investigator and assistant professor at the Institute. Weizmann of science. “In the future, our multiparameter approach could be used to diagnose not only various cancers, but also other diseases that leave traces in the blood, such as autoimmune diseases or heart disease. »

Daniel Jones, SeqLL CEO and co-author of the publication, added, “The development of this breakthrough EPINUC technology, in collaboration with Dr. Shema and colleagues, demonstrates the value of our tSMS platform in early disease detection. . We have only begun to explore post-translational modifications of histones and their impact on a host of diseases impacting global health. This study highlights the role of PCR-free and ligation-free technologies in the development of novel epigenetic approaches for the early detection, monitoring and treatment of disease.

This research builds on results from 2016 Science publication”Single-molecule decoding of combinatorially modified nucleosomeswritten by the lab of Dr. Bradley Bernstein at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and the Broad Institute. Dr. Shema and Mr. Jones were the lead and second author of this publication and continued to collaboratively develop the underlying technology. More information regarding this collaboration can be found on the Weizmann Institute Science News Portal, using the following link:
Putting liquid biopsies on solid ground: Diagnosing cancer from a milliliter of blood – Life Sciences | Weizmann Wonder Wander – News, reports and findings

About SeqLL Inc.
SeqLL Inc. (“SeqLL”) is a technology company that provides life science instrumentation and research services through collaborative partnerships aimed at the development of new scientific assets and intellectual property in multiple fields “ omics”. The Company uses its expertise with True Single Molecule Sequencing (“tSMS®”) a platform to give scientists and researchers improved genetic tools to better understand the molecular mechanisms of disease that are essential for the continued development of new breakthroughs in genomic medicine, and which hopefully address critical concerns related to precision medicine today.

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