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Author: Barbara WhiteHege

Book title: “It’s all about him”

Editor: Publication of cross-links

What is it about : Experience abundant life by coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ. We learn that life revolves around him and not us. By surrendering to Him, we experience true life and the fulfillment of the purpose for which we were created. This purpose is to manifest his praise and glory through the power of the Holy Spirit which he has given us.

Why I wrote it: I wrote it out of obedience to God and to hopefully encourage others as we walk with Him in a world that is becoming increasingly hostile to us. My prayer is that God be glorified in her and through her.

Other books I have published: “Consequences of Divorce”, “Selected Beads of the Word”, “Water from the Well”

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Book title: “Where’s Kendall?” »

Editor: Kaylen Hawkins

What is it about : A children’s book about a little boy who does mischief while walking around his house. He keeps his parents on their toes as they constantly find him in funny places as they try to do daily housework.

Why I wrote it: This book is about my and my husband’s experiences with our toddler, Kendall. He is an adventurous and curious little boy who likes to explore his environment. I wrote this book to bring joy to readers, to give more representation to children of color in literature, and to give my son a special gift to cherish as he grows.

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