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The Women With Stories (TWWS) partnered with Africa Creative Market (ACM) to organize a conference that brought together key stakeholders from the African and international creative industry to explore and exchange innovative ideas for the African creative economy .

TWWS is known for empowering women around the world to find and own their unique stories and serve others with the gift of their story.

The conference, held under the theme “Trash the Labels”, aimed to equip mothers and daughters with tools that would help them break down the communication barrier between them and reach their full potential, in the service of humanity with their uniqueness.

The three-day event, which took place at the Lagos Continental Hotel, had storytelling and female bonding sessions on day one, while days two and three were held at the Landmark Event Center for the master’ Slay Like A Mother’ and Emotional Wellness/Therapy. Classes.

In her keynote address, Chief Storyteller Dr. Naomi Osemedua noted that “Once upon a time never gets old”, emphasizing the need for everyone to share stories that burn in their hearts with the world.

Keynote speaker and author of the workshop discussion book, “Kill Like a Mother”, Katherine Wintsch, delivered an insightful and research-driven contribution to empower participants to “slay their dragons”.

Revealing her healing journey, she said, “I am not a magician. I didn’t wave the magic wand to heal myself; I went to a lot of therapies.

In dealing with the issue of self-doubt, Wintsch pointed out that the main way people feed their self-doubt dragon is by setting expectations that cannot be met.

“When we fall short, we think we suck. So what do we do? We make them even higher because we believe that if we can meet those expectations, we will finally feel feel good about ourselves,” she added.

She, however, urged participants to be realistic in setting their goals and to learn to give themselves breathing space.

Another speaker at the event, Abimbola Akintoye-Oguntunde, highlighted many ways women play the victim instead of giving themselves permission to thrive freely.

The masterclasses used the tools of therapy, labeling, speaker-participant mechanism as well as re-engineering of the mind to the delight of the participants, which included African and international celebrities, major filmmakers and actors in the creative space.


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